Apr 11, 2013

The Spine bone's connected to the hip bone

I believe that good health starts with a healthy spine. If you've ever taken my class, you've heard me say "Check your posture" about a hundred times in the hour. This is because our posture and form are vital to achieving an effective workout as well as preventing injury. Somewhere between an arched back and a flattened back, we find the perfect natural curvature in our spine.

 When we have a weak core, it's difficult for us to achieve a neutral spine. Like many people,  until I focused on proper alignment and strengthened my core, I constantly arched my back. Therefore, to compensate for an arched back, I will use the word "tuck." When I say "tuck" or "drop your tailbone," this means you are arching your back. I want you to drop your tailbone and bring your spine into neutral, by engaging your lower abdominals.

Many barre classes promote "tucking" the pelvis under. Although I will use the cue "tuck" to help you achieve proper alignment, I don't want you to over compensate and flatten your back. Again, we want a natural curvature in our back so that our vertebrae maintain an appropriate space between them. Check your posture throughout the day. Do you tend to flatten or arch your back?  Strengthen your abdominals to support the lower back. Pay attention to your posture and eventually you will naturally maintain a neutral pelvis and spine. Here's to healthy posture! xo

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