Welcome to Beach Babe Fitness where we aren't just skinny for summer, we're fit for life! My name is Christina. I am a certified fitness instructor from Laguna Beach, CA. My expertise is barre fitness, and in 2012 I was ranked a top 20 barre instructor in Los Angeles. I am the proud wife to my handsome husband, and love of my life, Chad. We had our first child, a little boy, in May of 2014. I'm also a mother to our four-legged mutt, Patrick.

After graduating from the University of Southern California (Fight On!) I moved back to my hometown of Laguna Beach, and started teaching fitness classes. Since then, I have established barre and fitness programs along the beautiful southern California coastline in both Orange County and Los Angeles. I currently teach at Equinox Irvine and Newport Beach. You can find my full schedule here.

My mother, a certified nutritionist, and my father, a New York Times best selling author of several motivational books, raised me to embrace the beach fitness lifestyle. They encouraged me to remain active and taught me about nutrition at a young age. Growing up, I played about every sport you could possibly imagine. In high school I played competitive volleyball, which continued to establish my knowledge of fitness and conditioning. 

When I moved away from the beach and into the city to attend college, my lifestyle changed. Even though I was calorie conscious (and hit the gym for at least a week before spring break... ha!), four years of limited time in the gym, sleepless nights, and midnight runs to the local Mexican grill left me 20-pounds over weight. Yikes! It was time to get back in the game…

After graduation, I heard about a position as a fitness instructor and I thought, "Hey! I can do that!" So I went for it, and was hooked! I got back to my beach babe body with years of experience as a fitness instructor.

Meanwhile I got married... and then I got pregnant! Nine months (okay more like ten) and 40 pounds later my precious baby boy came into the world (read my unmedicated birth story here). I've never appreciated my body more. Women are amazing and powerful creatures! I'm now struggling with a whole other slew of body image problems... stretch marks, loose skin, you name it. Child bearing is truly the most rewarding experience of my life and it's worth every pound gained and lost...

I am a health nut, a fitness professional, I'm passionate about all things beautiful, and I am a follower of Jesus! I'm also a woman who has struggled with yo-yo dieting, body image, going after my dreams... and pretty much everything else that comes with being a human.

At Beach Babe Fitness, I hope to inspire you to be the best version of yourself by maintaining a vibrant, beach-fit lifestyle. Welcome & enjoy!
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