May 20, 2013

Post Wedding Weight Gain

  I've found that every bride is absolutely radiant. The tan, the hair, the makeup, the beaming smile, oh ya and most brides lose a lot of excess weight before the big day. The last minute details along with the fact that everyone you know will be staring at you and your photos forever, is more than enough motivation to get in the best shape of your life. Problem is, how do you maintain that glow post wedding? In a recent study, 'researchers at the University of Minnesota found that men and women usually gain 6 to 8 pounds in the first 2 years of marriage. "Once you're married, that need to impress is gone," says Edward Abramson, Ph.D., author of Marriage Made Me Fat. "You may go to the gym less often, go out for meals or to parties more frequently, and develop new rituals, such as sitting on the couch with your wife and snacking."' (source)

While that may be true for most, I'm proud to say that nearly two years after my wedding, not only does my dress still fit, but it's actually a little bit too big! I plan to wear that baby years down the road when we renew our vows on our 20th anniversary. Over the years, I've found three ways to help stay in shape post wedding.

  • Portion Control.  I do most of the cooking (or should I say meal planning) in our relationship. When we first got married it was only natural to dish out half for me and half for Chad. It wasn't long until I realized that when dinner was finished Chad was still hungry and I was stuffed! Reason being, Chad is bigger than I am plus he's a man so he eats more than me! Duh. Sounds simple, but turns out I spoke to some of my married friends and they too found themselves eating the same portion sizes as their husbands who were twice their size. When dishing out dinner, give more to your hubby and less for you. 

  • The couple that plays together, stays together. Find activities that you love to do together. Chad and I enjoy taking long walks or hikes on the weekends with our pup, Patrick. We also love to play tennis and golf. Not only are we having a cheap date, but we are staying active, which beats laying on the couch watching TV all day (we usually save that for the evening). 
  • Schedule your workouts together. Chad loves crossfit, I love barre. Definitely not the same workout. Chad also likes to workout in the evenings and weekends and I like to workout during the week in the mornings. I must admit there was many a fight when we first got married that went something like this: Chad: "I'm going to the gym tonight."Me: "No you're not! I'm making dinner and I'm not going to sit by myself at home on a Friday night while my husband works out!"Moral of the story: compromise. Marriage really is all about compromise. Even if we aren't doing the same workout, we can plan our workouts at the same time. Now we both have early morning workouts on Tuesdays & Thursdays, Saturdays are free for all and we try to do something together on Sundays. 

More than anything, whether you're in a relationship or not, exercise must remain a priority. For me and Chad, we decided that we want to stay as healthy as possible for one another and for our children that we will have one day. I know that maintaining a weekly exercise schedule and eating clean, will lead to a longer and fuller life. One that Chad and I can enjoy together with our children and grandchildren one day! Cheers to a happy healthy marriage xo

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