May 6, 2013

What to Eat Post Workout

If you're working out and aren't seeing any results, it may be that you aren't giving your body the energy it needs to recover and rebuild from your exercises. Your workout can be counterproductive unless you replenish. It's so important that you consume protein within 30 minutes of finishing your workout. Immediately following your workout, your body begins it's recovery. Your body replenishes by using it's fuel sources, breaking down fats & carbs. Yes, please! But then, your body needs protein to rebuild muscles. Protein is essential post workout to replenish enzymes and amino acids.

Protein can come in a variety of forms.  I always keep almonds in my car to snack on. Although they're not the most protein packed snack, they are great in a pinch. I also love to bring a shaker bottle (like this one) and some protein powder for a quick snack or meal replacement. The options are endless... eggs, some turkey slices, greek yogurt, beans or tempeh... any form of protein will do. If you're heading home post workout, whip up this amazing protein shake or make some of these vegan & gluten-free protein packed cookie dough balls. Yum.

Work hard and eat well to reach your goals. Trust me, it really does work, not just for some, but for everyone! xo

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