Jun 28, 2013

Summer is Here!

Ready or not, summer is here! Happy, happy days. My apologies for not posting in the latter part of this week. Chad took my computer, which makes blogging pretty much impossible. Regardless, I wanted to check-in with everyone so I've high jacked my mom's comp to share a few links that I love. I've been reading some helpful articles as well as researching some amazing new brands to share with you! I'm also working with a production team to get some super - duper workout videos for you too... so things are lookin' up for next week :)

Get ready for your new fitness fashion obsession. I am thrilled to start wearing my new favorite active wear line, Delano. Seriously, I put on my first Delano outfit this week and I was so obsessed I wore it two days in a row. Gross? Possibly. But it's seriously just the cutest stuff ever. More on them next week!

I read this excellent article as a follow up to last weeks post, Is Stress Making Me Fat? Ask yourself these 10 questions to see if your body may be producing too much cortisol. And read this article for "10 fun ways to reduce our cortisol levels".

With summer upon us (um, the fourth is next week?!),  I'm making it my mission this weekend to find the perfect summer suit. Any suggestions? I found this line called Issa de Mar that I love and I also want to try on some Frankie's Bikinis... They look adorable.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend and I promise to have some fun stuff to share with you next week. Oh, and Happy Summer!! xo
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