Jul 25, 2013

Fitness Fashion Finds

I don't normally post about fashion because let's face it, there are plenty of fashion, style, design blogs out there. However, every once in a while (when I really feel like you need to know about a super find), I'll spill the beans. I was recently introduced to an amazing Activewear line called Delano. They gifted me pretty much the cutest workout outfit ever. I have never, I mean never received so many compliments! I am in love. So, after holding out on you, I'm sharing my most favorite outfit of the moment (middle image) along with a few other finds that I just can't do without. 

Delano Activewear: My Rihanna leggings have been so versatile, comfy and definitely a go-to statement piece. My Melissa top is so cute I've even worn it with jeans! And my ├╝ber chic Monique Wrap has become the perfect summer jacket both in and out of the studio... Thank you Delano! Next on my wish list are the Lana Leggings.

I purchased the Zella Gym Tote just this morning at the Nordstrom's Anniversary sale. After looking around for a few weeks, I finally found the perfect gym bag. Large enough to hold everything, with plenty of pockets, and on sale, what's not to like? I really went wild today and also picked up a pair of the Nike Studio Wraps because well, I've had my eye on those babies for awhile :)

Also on my wish list are the  Nike Hawaiian Moccasins. I saw them on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and just can't get them out of my head! I'm sure you'll be shocked to know that I'm a sucker for anything tropical/ hawaiian. Problem is, I can't find them anywhere... Let me know if you see them! What lines are you loving lately?

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