Jul 22, 2013

Proper Etiquette for Group Fitness Class

As a teacher there are a few things that can really make me annoyed during my fitness classes. But, more important than me, the following things can be very disrupting to the entire class. To make sure your not "that girl" (or guy) I've decided to lay down a few basic rules to live by when it comes to taking a group fitness class: 

  1. Be on Time: To be honest, I don't mind if you're a minute or two late. I don't even mind if you're five minutes late. However, if you are late on a regular basis, figure it out. And, if you are taking class for the first time, get there 10 minutes early! By far my biggest teaching frustration is when a new client comes to class 5 minutes late, has no idea what they need, where they should stand etc etc. BE ON TIME!
  2. Don't Chit Chat with your Neighbor: This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. I once had a friend come to class who decided to bring her own friend. They were talking the entire class, like seriously a full on conversation. It is so rude to talk in the middle of class. Not only are you not paying attention, acting like you don't care about what the teacher has to say, but you are distracting other students as well. Having a workout buddy is great, but if you want to catch up with a friend, do it over coffee... after class. 
  3. Absolutely no cell phones:  Do not keep your cell phone next to you while you're working out and under no circumstance be send or check a message. Come on people, you can live without your phone for one whole hour. Unless you have an extenuating circumstance... i.e. you have an emergency and you're waiting to hear from someone, then at the very least, let your teacher know. 
  4. Know Your Limits: If you have an injury, it is your responsibility to tell the teacher. Although I try to introduce myself to new clients, I don't always have time to ask everyone about their past injuries. If you know you have a weakness or you can't perform a certain exercise, tell your teacher so that they can give you a different exercise to do! 
  5. Don't create your own advancements: Sometimes people will grab an extra weight or lift up to their toes or try to do something that will make the exercise harder. This is often more than just rude, it's unsafe. Trust that your teacher has the ability to give you an effective and safe workout without adding your own advancements. If you want to go home or stay after class and do some extra work, go for it, but not in the middle of class, when your teacher is liable for your safety.
  6. Wait until after class to ask a question: I am constantly moving around the room to make sure everyone is doing the exercise correctly. Occasionally I will give someone an adjustment and they want to "talk" about it. They start asking me all these questions in the middle of class when a) I have other people to get to, b) I'm trying to count how many reps we are doing and c) I'm trying to keep up with the music. Not the time. 
  7. Tell the Teacher before class if you have to leave early: This is a big one for me. Unless I get carried away and I end up going over my allotted time, it is so offensive when people leave class early. I start thinking maybe they didn't like me or my class. If you have to leave early, that's OK, but please, please tell your teacher so they don't take it personally! 
Bottom line, unless you have an injury or need to modify (which is completely acceptable!), try your best to do the same exercises, at the same time, with everyone else. Get there before class starts, leave when class is over and don't talk to your neighbor. Your teacher and your classmates will appreciate it! By all means, if you have any questions or concerns address your instructor after class. If you feel like your not getting a good enough workout, maybe it's not the class for you. Stay polite, and don't ever be "that girl"  xo

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