Sep 24, 2013

How Many Times Per Week Should I Workout?

It's surprising to find that most people have no idea how many times a week they should workout. My answer is simple. Do what works for you. 

Studies have shown that for optimal health, you should exercise 20-60 minutes, 3-5 days a week. This should be a combination of cardio and strength training. 

However, it's important to find what works for you. If you like to workout six days a week, go for it! But, more than 5 days a week of intense training may result in over training. Less than 3, probably won't produce the results your looking for. 

With that in mind, schedule your workout, make it a priority, and commit to working out during the week. Perhaps for you that's only two days a week right now. That's ok. While you should aim for at least three days a week, two days always beats zero days. Again, consistency is key. 

When exercise becomes a part of your lifestyle you'll crave it. It will become just like all other healthy habits in our life... sleeping, showering, brushing our teeth. Who wants to go more than a day without that? 

Let's make fitness a priority by staying consistent and committed. xo

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