Nov 6, 2013

Shake, Rattle & Roll (What's up with trembling muscles?!)

Hey Babes! Recently I've been getting asked about the shakes during your workout. If you've ever taken a barre class before, chances are you know exactly what I'm talking about and have even experienced it for yourself a time or two. The same can happen when holding a pose in a yoga class, pilates or really any workout for that matter. So, what's up with the uncontrollable shaking muscles?

While it can be a little embarrassing, good news, you don't have to worry. Muscle shakes indicate that you are pushing yourself and engaging different muscles in a way that they haven't been used before. Shaking indicates that your muscle has been worked to the point of fatigue -- a good sign that you'll be nice and sore tomorrow.

Technically, the shaking comes into play as a neuromuscular response. It's like a little war between your brain and your body. Your body might be saying "whoa!" and your brain is saying "you can't give up yet!" This is where we see progress, as we push past the pain and work that much harder than last time.

However, keep in mind that if you start shaking at the start of your workout, you may need a little more time in between workouts. Make sure your muscles have time to recover and (as always) stay hydrated. At any point throughout your workout, if you feel light headed or queasy, take a breather!

Bottom line: If you're quivering during your workout, your body is changing. My advice is to shake, rattle and roll all the way to a better bod!! Keep it up, babes xo

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