Jul 29, 2014

Looking Back: What it's like to be out of shape at the gym

If you haven't watched this video yet... Get on it and let's talk. It's hilarious.

Funny, right? All kidding aside, what's it really like to be out of shape at the gym? Basically, it's just plain depressing. We all have an idea of where we want to be physically. Super strong, super fit, super flexible. We hit the gym with high hopes, only to realize that we've got a long way to go. It's depressing.

You may be thinking, what does she know about it? Let me tell you... I know about it because I was that girl. No joke.

Can you believe that when I met my husband I told him, " I'm just not a gym girl. I don't like it. Never have. Never will."

Sounds crazy that only a year later I started teaching fitness classes.

I found what I was passionate about. It started with a daily 6 mile walk on the beach (oh, how I long for the days when I had two hours to take a walk!) and emerged to finding the perfect beachside barre studio. I was immediately hooked to this new barre craze.

From there, I moved home to Orange County where there were no barre classes around. What's a girl to do when her fave workout goes MIA? ... become a barre instructor, duh. 5 years and several class formats later and here I am. A full blown fitness fanatic. It's safe to say I'm on the other end of that video now, but I gotta tell you I still relate... "I earned this cheeseburger!"

So how are you going to get to the other side? How are you going to own that gym and your workout? With time and with dedication. It may take a few tries, but soon you won't ever have to feel out of shape at the gym ever again. And that's a pretty good feeling. xx

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