Aug 12, 2014

The Best Turkey Burgers Ever ... Beach Babe Style

When it comes to the grill, I always leave it up to the hubs. I mean, the man knows how to work a BBQ! I had never made turkey burgers on my own until recently. And oh my, I am so happy I found this easy, delicious recipe with no chopping, dicing or slicing... that's my kind of recipe!

To make the best turkey burgers ever, you'll need:
  • One package of lean ground organic turkey
  • A jar of your favorite salsa (I recommend something slightly chunky... my favorite is Susan's!). 
  • Head of Iceberg Lettuce
To Make: 
  • Combine turkey and half a jar of salsa into a bowl and stir. Add some salt and coriander (or your favorite spices). 
  • Spoon out the turkey like you would cookie dough and shape them on a greased pan or skillet over medium high heat. 
  • Grill for approximately 7 minutes each side or until cooked thoroughly.
While your turkey is grilling, make the perfect lettuce wraps....
  • Cut off one side of your iceberg lettuce one or two inches above the stem 
  • Pull out the smaller leaves inside the lettuce... you'll be left with large, perfectly cupped shaped lettuce "wraps". 

The turkey burgers will be flavorful and juicy from the salsa. Simply place the burgers inside the lettuce wraps and add some grilled onions or avocado with your favorite sauce (I like mustard). Voila! You've got an easy, healthy and delicious lunch or dinner... did I mention my grill master loves them too?!

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