May 18, 2016

Healthy Birthday Cake (For Toddlers!)

This weekend we celebrated my son's second birthday. I have no problem admitting that I'm the "crazy mom" who doesn't let her son eat any sugar, dairy, or gluten. Yes, I'm that mom. Say what you will, my son hasn't been truly sick a day in his life soooo there's that.

With that being said, his first birthday cake was a failed attempt at making something delicious and healthy. Let's just say that turmeric icing wasn't the tastiest. Well, I'm happy to report we totally nailed it for the second birthday. I found the most amazing recipe for a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting from The Healthy Chef. Absolutely everyone enjoyed it (including the adults!).

You can find the recipe to the cake here.

And the frosting here.

Highly Recommend!

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