Apr 13, 2016

How do you take your Coffee?

For Mother's Day I received a hand milk frother (sounds fancy, I know but it was like $5 from Ikea) and it's completely changed my coffee game. I've always liked (more like needed) a little dash of cream or milk, but I've since discovered the "Bulletproof" recipe. Lemme tell ya, I'm obsessed. If you haven't yet tried "Bulletproof" coffee, here's my version:

Teaspoon Coconut Oil
Teaspoon Ghee (or organic grass-fed butter)
Dash of Cinnamon 
Splash of Pure Vanilla Extract

Add all ingredients to coffee cup. Leaving at least 2 inches from top of cup, pour hot coffee over the ingredients. Using hand frother, froth coffee for at least 60 seconds or until you've gotten the right amount of froth. 

Voila! You're left with a creamy cup of hot coffee that's loaded with healthy fats. These fats not only promote a healthy brain and cholesterol levels but can help with weight loss as your body uses fat for energy as opposed to sugar and proteins. 

Side Note: What about sickie pesticides? I think that's one item no one likes in their cup of jo. I realized the other day that I'm adamant about my fruits, veggies and pretty much everything else to be organic and yet, I've completely over looked my  morning coffee. A little research has made me realize the error of my ways. Conventional coffee is not only one of the most highly doused plants with tons of pesticides and herbicides, but those beans also get a good chemical rinse before being packaged. That's why it's so important to buy organic coffee. Especially since most of us drink it every day. 

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