Mar 19, 2013

Instant Butt-Lift

If you've ever taken one of my classes, you know how I love to work the booty. I've had tons of clients tell me that they've never had a butt before and now they do! Or, that they used to have a saggy bum and now it's lifted! I love this.

Here is just one of my favorite exercise combinations that I like to call the Instant Butt - Lift.

Starting Position: On all fours with your knees stacked right underneath your hips and your hands right underneath your shoulders. The back is flat with the abdominals drawing in towards the spine. Make sure you are not arching the back and that throughout this exercise your back is not moving. Keep your back flat by engaging the abdominals.

Start by floating the Right Heel (flexed foot) up toward the Ceiling. Begin lifting the leg straight up towards the sky, pressing through the heel. I want you to imagine like you're stuck in a box and trying to kick your way out of the top!

Begin with Pulses x24
Bring the Knee to Chest -- all the way in all the way up -- 8x slow then 8x fast
Point your toe and REPEAT.

Without taking a break, we go right into hamstring curls.
Kick your butt and extend your leg, without moving the knee x16.

Without taking a break....

Keep the leg straight pulse up x24
Slow it down -- lift the straight leg one inch up & one inch down x16

Gently lower the leg and tap the mat raising the leg straight back up x16
Tap across your body x16
Pulses across the body x16

Make sure your back remains still throughout the entire sequence and keep a slight bend in your elbows.

Modification: Come down to your forearms.

You should feel it primarily in the hamstring, in the place where your leg meets your booty. Try this everyday for a week and you will see the difference! 

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