Apr 1, 2013

Major Calorie Burner

After the holiday weekend, I'm in desperate need of a high calorie burning sweat sesh. To burn mega calories in a short amount of time, my favorite type of workout is high intensity interval training. I love to time my workouts because I know I can do anything for one minute. Below I want you to get a timer (you have one on your phone) and do the following exercises as quickly as you can for one minute each.

Go through each workout as quickly as you can and then right into the next exercise without a break. See how many repititions you can do in a minute. Push yourself as hard as you can for four minutes then take a one minute rest. Go through the exercises 5 times! If you are feeling comfortable at any point throughout your workout, you're not working hard enough! Push yourself for 24 minutes, and you've had an amazing workout.

PS. Working on a video for your next exercise :)
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