Jun 20, 2013

What if I Don't Feel Sore After my Workout?

How many people like being sore the day after a workout? I'm not going to lie, while I don't like being so sore I can't sit down or get up like a regular human being, I do like to feel sore the next day. There's something about being sore that makes it seem like the workout was really worthwhile. Like I worked that much harder than usual. It's like I'm tight and toned after just one workout! But, what if we don't get sore after our workout? Does that mean it didn't work? Sore may be the new sexy, but it doesn't determine how effective our workout was

Our body is stronger than we think. A good workout should leave us feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world. Should we be fatigued? Yes, but not to the point that we can't move for the rest of the day! Technically speaking, our body gets sore due to lactic acid build up in our muscles. This happens when we use different muscles or use our muscles in a different way. Perhaps we did a few more squats than usual or maybe we tired something new that's causing our soreness. 

For example, a few weeks ago I went to the driving range with my hubby and a couple of friends. We had a wonderful time hitting some balls. I felt great throughout, but hadn't been golfing in a very long time. The next day my arms were SO sore! Case in point -- I can take an hour class during which time I feel as if I might pass out and not be sore the next day, but 30 minutes of golfing made my arms feel like they were made of lead! Do you think that hitting about 30-40 golf balls was a better exercise than my hour fitness class? No. However, it did activate my muscles in a different way, hence leaving me extremely sore for the next day or two. Side note: How lame is that?  I was sore after golf!

It's definitely important to mix up your workout routine. I change my class up every single week to ensure that my students won't plateau. As your body adapts to your fitness routine, don't get discouraged if you aren't getting sore anymore. You are getting stronger and your body is learning to use itself in a more proficient way. Continue to work hard and push yourself in every workout.  Even if your not getting sore anymore, you'll continue to see the results. Bottom line, you don't have to be sore everyday to have a beach babe body xo

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