Jul 8, 2013

3 Steps to Strengthen Willpower

 According to the American Psychological Association a lack of willpower is the most significant barrier to change. The good news, research has also shown that willpower is like a muscle: The more you use it the stronger it gets! This goes for exercise, diet, you name it.  When's the last time you tested your willpower? That's what I thought. Time to put down the cookie and pay attention to these simple steps that will help you strengthen your willpower. 
  • Set Realistic, Specific Goals: Start small. It's not realistic for most people to work out every single day. It's also not realistic to say "I'm never going to eat dessert again." Avoid the words always and never. Start with today... "I am going to workout today." When you're ready, go for two days. Soon, you'll be at a whole a week!
  • Know When You're Vulnerable: Studies show that when we are sleep deprived, hungry or stressed, we are more apt to make bad decisions. Practice more self-control by asking yourself:  Am I hungry? Did I drink enough water today? Keep healthy snacks on hand and if you're having a sweet tooth try this delicious no-guilt milkshake. 
  • Plan for Temptation: So you're eating healthy this week. You even got up early to bring a healthy salad for lunch. Sure enough, your co-worker brought her famous home made brownies. No matter what we plan, there are always going to be temptations to steer us off course. It's important to expect a wrench in your plan. That way, when your BFF asks you to go to happy hour with her, you can say "I'd love to spend time with you, why don't you meet me at spin?"
Flex your willpower, babes! xo

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