Aug 19, 2013

Breakfast Like a King

Do you eat breakfast everyday? For a long time, I did not. In high school and throughout college I wouldn't normally eat until lunch or even sometimes after that! So bad. Most of you have probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But why? Breakfast gets your metabolism working, boosts brain power and helps to satiate those daily cravings that come along. Think about it this way, as the day goes on, we will be moving less and therefore burning less calories. That means, we should be consuming less calories. As the saying goes...

Still not convinced? Keep reading! The University of Tel Aviv recently conducted a 12 week study in which two groups of women consumed the same calories and the same food choices, but with the breakfast and dinner meals switched. While both groups lost weight, the women consuming the large breakfast lost an average of 19 pounds compared to only 8 pounds in the large dinner group. The breakfast group also lost twice as many inches around the waist (source). So, it's true! As the day goes on we should eat less. Here are my tips to eat breakfast like a king and dinner like pauper:

  • Eat Breakfast... duh! Seems simple enough. Even if you're not usually hungry in the morning, feed your body and change your habits. Now that I eat breakfast everyday I can't go without it. 
  • Eat most of your carbs (like cereals, bread and fruit) early in the day. Your body doesn't need the fuel at night.
  • Have healthy small snacks between meals to keep you satisfied.
  • Dinner should be your smallest meal of the day -- Always have a fresh salad and try to consume just protein and veggies after 5pm.
  • Close the kitchen after dinner. Seriously. Turn the lights off, grab a water glass, and keep the pantry and fridge doors closed
Stay Healthy, Babes xo

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