Aug 23, 2013

Long, Lean Arms (In Less than Five Minutes)

Hi Babes! Your exercise for today is all about the arms. Don't forget that your arms are the key to look your best in photos. I like to think of them as your body's most important accessory! This exercise will particularly focus on that pesky area right where the arm and shoulder meet... adios armpit fat. And don't be afraid to add some weights to your routine. All of the exercises that I share use light weight with a lot of repetition to keep from bulking up. Hope you enjoy this week's exercise!

I recommend pairing this exercise with this "Buh-Bye Muffin Top" exercise, this "Beach Barre" exercise, and this "Instant Butt-Lift" to get a full body workout in less than 20 minutes. Work it out, babes! xo

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