Sep 27, 2013

Beach Barre in Hawaii

For today's workout, we're going to burn tons of calories as we lengthen and tone the thighs and booty! All you need is something to hold onto like the back of a chair, a counter top or even a wall. Just make sure you have enough room in front of and behind you. To start, make sure that whatever hand is on the wall, sofa, etc... the same leg is forward. So if my right hand is holding on, my right foot is forward. Your posture is most important in this exercise so make sure you're keeping your core engaged, shoulders down and back, and keep your shoulders stacked over your hips...

Ready? Let's go!

To modify, keep your leg on the ground the whole time. You can always go through this sequence at your own pace. If you're more advanced, you can even try this without holding on to anything! As I've said before... form is always more important than height or speed! Enjoy your new Beach Barre exercise from Hawaii. xo

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