Sep 18, 2013

Hate to Love Your High Heels

I love shoes. I mean seriously, if money were no object, pretty sure I would spend thousands of dollars on designer heels and handbags. Thank God that Chad is so 6'6 so that even at 5'10 I can still look up to him in my highest heels. However, although the right shoe can make or break your outfit, those stilettos may be doing major damage.  We love how heels lengthen and tone up the legs, but the higher the heel, the higher percentage of damaging your foot and much more... 

Like it or not, ( I hate it!) here are the ways in which your high heels might be affecting your health:

  • Knees: Heels place excess force on the inside of the knee, which might explain why knee injuries are one of the highest complaints among women.
  • Posture: Heels push the body forward causing the back and hips to move out of alignment. Anyone have problems with the lower back? Hate to break it to you, it might be your heels. 
  • The Calf and Achilles: The calf muscles and achilles tendon contract and shorten in heels, which gives you that toned look we love, but this will cause cramping and tightness in the lower leg and may even shorten the muscle for good. So much for long legs... if you're feeling pain in your heel, it's probably your achilles. 
  • The Foot: Bunions, hammertoes, calluses, corns... the list goes on. Most severely though, with continued pressure on your feet from high heels, there is a greater chance that you will develop stress fractures in the tiny bones on the tops of your feet. Not to mention stress on the nerves that can cause numbness in your toes.

Am I saying to give up your high heels? Absolutely not. I love my heels just as much as the next girl.  Just be aware about the effects of your shoes on your body. If you wear heels to work everyday, try wearing flats for a few days and save your sassy pumps for the weekend... You may be flaunting your stuff now, but you'll be paying for it later. Stay healthy, babes xo

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