Sep 11, 2013

How To Look Fab Post Workout

Don't you just hate those people who look better after their workout than you do before your workout? Turns out it's not that hard. You probably already have all the essentials to put together an ├╝ber chic look when leaving the gym. Nicole Richie has got the post-workout look down. Check her out:

Cute, right? Ok. So, Let's break it down:

  • Hair: With a beanie or ball cap to cover sweaty roots, or with a top knot to tame fly-a-ways, your hair doesn't have to be flawless for you to still look put together. Now that I've cut bangs, it's a bit more difficult. Luckily, a cute head scarf or two minutes with a blowdryer can tame even the wildest fringe. 
  • Sunglasses: Instead of layering up the makeup and clogging your pores, grab a large pair of sunnies to cover up runny eye make -up or lack there of. I gotta say, nothing says chic like a pair of sunglasses. 
  • Layers: If you stick with all black as a base, that leaves endless possibilities for layering. Activewear lines, like Nancy Rose, make super cute tops and jackets that can transition from the studio to the streets like a pro. But, if a new wardrobe isn't in your budget, your favorite blazer, jacket, sweater etc will suit just fine. I know we love our hooded, oversize sweatshirt from 10 years ago, but a leather jacket or blazer looks so much better. A scarf is also essential to pulling your look together. 
  • Handbag: Your handbag can make or break your outfit. So your gym bag might be practical, but if you don't love it, bring your favorite leather tote. It will look so much more polished than some bulky, sporty duffle. 
  • Take it One Step Further:  Nicole's still sporting her gym shoes, but if you really want to fool even the toughest critic, throw on a pair of boots or even dressy sandals.To make this look even more put together, I recommend long black leggings. My favorites are the Zella live in leggings. I wear these inside and outside of the gym all year long. 

Bottom line, keep your gym outfit simple and then layer, layer, layer. Accessorize with your favorite jewelry, scarves, sunglasses and an oversized handbag. Keep it chic, babes xo

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