Sep 8, 2013

So You Want That Space Between Your Thighs?

Hi Babes! I bring you my first Beach Barre video shot during my vacation in Hawaii. See, I was thinkin' about you while I was gone! This exercise will burn out the inner, outer and tops of your thighs. It will help with that space between the inner thighs and since the quadriceps are the largest muscle group in your body, it will burn some calories too. Focus on your posture, shoulders down and back, core engaged, and keep your heels together the entire time. Let's do this!

 I recommend pairing this exercise with one of my booty moves (like this one) and some cardio, like sprints. It's only a 3 minute exercise so push yourself to get though the whole thing without stopping. Imagine how you want your body to look to push through that burn. It burns so good! xo

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