Sep 5, 2013

Forget Your Weight... Muscle V Fat

Let's cut straight to the chase... Does it really matter how much you weigh? No. 
Case in point: Would you rather be 140 pounds and wear a size 4, or 130 pounds and wear a size 6? 

That should be fairly easy to answer. You might be thinking, but how can this be? Lucky you, I've made a perfect illustration below:

As you can see, 5 pounds of fat will take up more space than 5 pounds of muscle. Same weight, different mass. 

This is because muscle is much denser than fat. So, don't get discouraged if you started weight or resistance training and when you step on the scale you haven't lost any weight. 

After all, weight is only a number. Isn't how we look, feel, and how our clothes fit more important? I think that's a much better "scale" to work off. 

And there's more! A pound of muscle will not only be smaller than a pound of fat, but it will burn more calories. That's right. One pound of muscle at rest will burn 10 calories a day, while one pound of fat will only burn 2-3 calories. (source)  

Who's for weighing more and looking smaller, tigher and leaner? I am. You'd be shocked if I told you how much I weigh. I'll give you a hint: I could be a small man... Good thing I don't own a scale! 

Here's to being fit and healthy, regardless of our weight! Stay healthy, babes xo

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