Nov 22, 2013

More Thanks, Less Guilt... Easy Thanksgiving Swaps!

What's the point of looking good if you can't enjoy yourself a little bit? Case in point: Thanksgiving! You've been dieting, you've been working out, and you're looking good! But then, here come the holidays to screw everything up...

 But guess what? On Thanksgiving, I'm giving you permission to stuff yourself and the turkey... without feeling guilty! It's not so much about how much you're eating over the holiday, but what you're eating. Here are a few easy swaps to give thanks without feeling guilty:

Keep in mind that white meat turkey is better than dark meat, and it's best if your sweet potatoes aren't smothered in marshmallow. You'll also beat that sluggish sleepy feeling if you get up, get out and work up a bit of a sweat... after all, you've got the whole day to eat! Here's to a happy holiday. This year, let's give more thanks will less guilt! xo

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