Nov 25, 2013

Put a Ring Cozy On It

A few months ago I connected with an amazing entrepreneur, designer and photographer named Ana Maria (check out her blog). She had a brilliant idea to invent what's called a Ring Cozy. It's a neoprene protective cover that you can wear over your wedding ring or band to protect it from getting bent, scratched, lost etc etc. I was honored to model for her a few months ago and I just got the photos back from our shoot. Check me out modeling the oh so practical Ring Cozy. 

PS. I'm kinda missing my bangs...

You can get your very own ring cozy for 25% percent off this week (Nov 25 -1) by clicking here. They come in different sizes, different shapes, and even different styles depending on whether you have a band or a raised diamond. If you ever worry about damaging or loosing your ring, put a ring Cozy on it and you'll be feeling comfy, cozy, worry free in no time. I think it makes a great stocking stuffer for your spouse (or for yourself!). Stay cozy, babes xo

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