Nov 13, 2013

Towel Toning Beach Babe : Virginia Biven

I am so inspired by new friend, Virginia Biven. When this Newport Beach local contacted me through this here blog, I knew I wanted to meet this babe in person. Following our first meeting, I couldn't wait to introduce her to all of you. She has such an infectious energy and zest for life. A wife and mother of two, Virginia created Towel Toning -- the next best workout. After 10 years without regular exercise, Virginia created her own workout that has completely changed her outlook on fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She will inspire you to "work it in!" I am so obsessed with her Towel Toning concept -- I wish I would have thought of it! Get excited to meet the lovely Virginia and stay tuned for her upcoming online videos. I'm sure this Babe and I will be collaborating more in the future!

Introduce Yourself:
I'm 43-years-old, married for 14 years and a mother of 2 (Olivia, age 10 and Hudson, age 8).  Following 10 years of virtually no exercise, I needed a realistic and easy plan for me to become and stay motivated.  I did not want gravity and age to dictate the shape of my body.  While I was less concerned about being skinny, I wanted to focus my attention on being fit and healthy!  Why just accept my body for what it was after 2 children?  Why accept the aging process without a fight?  I wanted to make my body better!  As a stay-at-home mother of two young children with no daycare or the financial ability to splurge on the newest fitness classes or programs, I decided to develop a simple at-home routine incorporating old-fashioned workout basics with an added “twist”.  

Tell Us About your exercise, "Towel Toning":
Towel Toning is a self-resistance technique that stretches elongates, tones, shapes helps gain flexibility, increases mobility and strengthens all muscle groups, simultaneously! Inspired by yoga, ballet and Pilates, Towel Toning also incorporates athleticism and strength moves using dynamic tension throughout the hour long class. The exercises are customizable simply by the individual choice of resistance and intensity level based on your current physical ability. Towel Toning helps to build body awareness and allows you to "Work it In" on a daily basis as it strengthens without causing injury. It's a feel good exercise routine - one that makes you want to do it again the next day! 

What made you come up with the idea of using a towel, specifically your Toning Towel? Can I use a regular towel?
It came from seeing what benefits my friends were receiving from yoga, Pilates reformer and barre classes but I didn't want to spend the money to attend the classes myself.  I loved the idea of stretching every day and simultaneously building body awareness. I wanted to activate all my muscles deep within and understand how to move in a safe way while sculpting my body. When I incorporated the towel to my exercise routine I recognized the dynamic tension that came with it. Suddenly my entire body engaged from toes, up the legs, through the core, to my upper body, arms up to finger tips. The Toning Towel is also used to hold my form, alignment and allows me to focus on my core balance.  It is an effective TOOL that helps me engage every muscle in my body.

I started with a hand towel / kitchen towel that I rolled up really tight "end to end" (it was a bit of a work-out in itself!)  This was achievable for me and most of my clients, but for a few (who suffered either from arthritis or carpel tunnel) were not able to hold onto the end of the towel and therefore the work-out became too strenuous. My solution:  my original, patent pending TONING-TOWEL (shaped into an eternity looped towel).  It doesn't require a "grip" and simply took everything I started with to a new elevated level for myself and, most importantly, my clients.

What's the significance of your tagline, "Work it in" ?  
Start a routine that's achievable, no excuses, simply "Work IT In!"  Set simple and realistic daily goals – something is better than nothing, as long as it's effective and with purpose.  

Take control, even if you can only work it in for 10 minutes one day, the next day work it in for 20 and continue building from there. 

I started to work it in either before the kids were awake or after the kids went to bed and eventually I made time to "work it in" throughout the day (during kids naptime, while they did homework) Now, I  want to "work it in" all the time - it becomes a way of life and always fun!  I can "work it in" anywhere, anytime and so can you! 

How does diet play a role in your health?  
I have always had a great appetite and a love for food but since building my daily habit of fitness, I feel better when I eat natural, organic fruits and vegetables, and lean meats. I eat little or no sugar and avoid processed foods. I love burgers but they have to be healthy and I love making my own - good healthy lean beef, avocado, red onion and goat cheese - YUM!   Balance is key but I honestly love eating healthy - my body thrives on it so deliciously!  

Favorite healthy snack or recipe to share? 
I also love avocados so much (eat them several times a day). I like to eat them out of the shell with a little salsa in the center.

What's your biggest source of motivation?  
To live a long healthy, fit, active life for me, my husband and with my children!  To inspire them and everyone I meet.  To be an example of what hard work and dedication to health and fitness can look and feel like!  

Words to live by? 
Live life completely, lovingly, with a giving, open, free and balanced mind and body.

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