Feb 17, 2014

Beach Barre Burn: Inner + Outer Thighs

Hi Babes! Today's exercise is another "barre"exercise that focuses not only on the inner and outer thighs, but also the backs of the legs and the booty. Get ready to say "goodbye saddlebags, hello inner thigh gap and I love my apple bottom." In this exercise, we really work everything in the lower body in only about 3 minutes... hooray.

As described in the video, unlike a squat, try to keep your back flat as you come straight down and straight up. Don't hinge forward at the waist until the last 30 seconds.  If you're more advanced hold it down as low as you can throughout this exercise and if you need to modify you can take it a little higher. Just make sure that your knees track in the same direction as your toes. Which means, don't turn your toes all the way out unless your knees can go all the way out. Since most of us can't do that, start with your feet wide and toes turned out at a slight angle.

Optional Equipment: 
Pilates Ball (like thisone)

Get ready to burn. It burns so good!

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