Feb 14, 2014

What Makes Your Heart Beat?

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Ah Valentine's Day. I hate to love this hallmark holiday. What can I say? I'm a sucker for pink hearts and chocolate! The hubbers and I rarely make a big "to do" over Valentines. I'm totally the girl who's like "No, we don't have to do anything. Don't get me anything." And then every year, when I see all the men walking around with flowers and all the gushy social media updates I always feel a little neglected. That is until my adorable hubby always does the "right" thing. He knows very well that when a woman says "don't get me anything" she doesn't actually mean don't get me anything. I find that a card and some flowers are a sufficient enough way to show that he cares and I'm always grateful for this love of mine.

With that being said, Happy Valentines Babes! A friend of mine and my sister-in-law's brother aka my brother's brother-in-law (aka I'm just not really sure if we are related in some way or not) put together this amazing video for Darling Magazine. I just watched it and I wanted to share it with all of you...

I hope everyone has a wonderful valentines with people that you love. Whether that be a friend, a lover, a child, a family member or just plain old YOU. Don't forget to love yourself and your body today. I am so grateful for you.

And my apologies that this post really had nothing at all to do with fitness… to make up for it, get ready for a lil' video on Monday. I love you all! xoxo

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