Feb 5, 2014

Beach Barre Weights + Balance

I'm excited to share with you one of my favorite exercises for the upper body and to work on balance. All you need for this exercise is a set of weights. If you don't have any, grab a pair of soup cans, a couple of pieces of fruit, anything to give you a little resistance. We are doing a lot of repetitions, so you won't need a lot of weight. I'm using only 3 pounds!

The most important thing throughout this exercise is your posture.  Don't lean forward or back to lift the leg higher. Stay standing tall, using your core muscles to help maintain stability as you lift and lower the leg. Keep your standing leg bent. 

At six months pregnant, I've had to modify by reducing my range of motion. It doesn't matter how high you lift the leg, just keep it long and strong. As always, form is more important than heigth! If you're expecting, feel free to keep the leg on the floor if you don't feel like you can balance…

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