Feb 6, 2014

Is "The Biggest Loser" a Loser or a Winner?

If you haven't heard of the controversy surrounding recent "Biggest Loser" winner, Rachel Fredrickson, lets do a quick recap. On Tuesday night, Rachel won $250,000 this season on "The Biggest Loser" by losing 155 pounds over the last 7 months. Viewers were shocked to see the 5'5" women go from 260 to just 105 pounds. Rachel has been receiving some negative feedback from spectators saying that perhaps she may have taken it too far. Here's what I think…

First of all, when you're competing for $250,000 wouldn't you rather take it a little too far than not far enough? I mean, not only is she changing her life physically for the better, but she's got huge financial stakes. I don't know about you, but I'd be losing as much as possible to get that cash!

With that being said, while I do think Rachel looks fantastic (no thinner than some of our favorite celebrities) she could afford to gain another 5-10 pounds now that the show is over (get it? She can afford it now?). According to the national body mass index which uses specific calculations to find a healthy weight according to your height, Rachel does weigh in at slightly underweight. With only an extra 5 pounds, she would be considered in the "normal" BMI range.

My only real concern with Rachel is that clearly she has had a problem with food in the past. Overweight or underweight, too much food or not enough food, at 260 pounds she does have a history of abuse. I hope that she doesn't continue to loose weight, but develops a healthy relationship with food.

As opposed to looking just average (which is what we expect of someone who was once 260 pounds) Rachel looks amazing. She's got great legs and arms with beautiful muscle definition. I will say that her face looks a little thin… however it could just be the shape of her face! It's interesting how we can critique someone like Rachel for losing a lot of weight (the healthy way), while we award an oscar to someone like Christian Bale or Matthew Mcconaughey for losing weight (the unhealthy way) for an acting role. Hmmm… Seems like a double standard.

At this point, Rachel feels great, she looks great, and she won "The Biggest Loser"! Don't hate that she's got an amazing body now. What do you think?

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