Mar 4, 2014

Do You Love Your Body Enough?

Having a healthy body image is an important part of a healthy relationship with fitness, food and most importantly yourself. Recently I've been watching and reading a lot of articles talking all about body image. We need to learn to love ourselves no matter what the size or shape of our body. The truth is, no matter what you do or don't eat or no matter how many times you workout in a week, only about %1 of us can look like the models in the magazines.

When I look in the mirror, I never see perfection, but I still love the reflection staring back at me because I know that I work hard for what I've got. I appreciate that my body is strong and capable. Especially now, at seven and a half months pregnant, I've had to embrace my body with an extra 25 pounds. It's not always easy, but I appreciate the strength and beauty of making new life.

Whether short or tall, skinny or fat, long or stocky, we are all uniquely beautiful in our own way.

But, I don't believe we can truly love our bodies until we take care of them.

They say to love yourself no matter what your size or shape. I say we should love ourselves enough to make a change -- to be the healthiest version of ourselves no matter what. Whether you're underweight or overweight we should love our bodies enough to want to take care of them.

When we feel good on the inside, loving ourselves on the outside will be easy.

Stay healthy, babes xo

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