Mar 19, 2014

Pregnancy Update

Weight Gained: 
28 pounds 
(hoping to keep it below 40 with 2 months left... eek!)

Baby Belly: 
I officially have an outie and my belly continues to grow bigger every day but still no linea nigra or stretch marks (lucky me!). I can tell Christian is getting more crowded as sometimes his little feet will get me in the ribcage. I find myself saying "Okay Baby you need to move a little bit because that's not a good position." In my mind, he knows exactly what I'm saying. When his Daddy speaks to him and kisses my belly, Christian always acknowledges him with a little movement. It's crazy to watch my tummy undulate from one side to the next. Sometimes I can feel his leg or his arm and last night it was as if we were holding hands as  (I think) I could feel his little hand and fingers. My Doctor has confirmed that Christian is head down... the right position for delivery, yay!

Apples, Watermelon, Oranges, Potatoes, Ice Cream

Fitness Level: 
I'm teaching six classes a week and I plan to keep this schedule up until I deliver. I've been telling all of my students, "If I don't show up one day, it's probably because I had my baby!" Call me crazy, but labor and delivery will be the most physically strenuous hours of my life. To stop working out during my last few weeks of pregnancy would be like to stop training the month of a marathon. Just doesn't make sense to me. While I've had to modify or completely stop doing a lot of my favorite exercises and my energy level is quickly dwindling, I've been practicing my squat in hopes that baby will fall right out (more on the squat, tomorrow)! 

Symptoms & Comfort Level:
While I can still fall asleep and get what seems to be a decent nights rest, waking up every 2-3 hours to pee has become quite a nuisance. I'm also having crazy, wild, vivid dreams... including that I don't know who the baby daddy is or that I'm drunk... um, nightmare! 

Over the last few weeks I've also developed a bad case of indigestion. Luckily I heard that Papaya Enzymes will help with my heartburn so I picked some up yesterday. I gotta say, it was much better! Fingers crossed, I've found a cure.

Birth Classes: 
Chad and I started our classes with The Birth School 3 weeks ago. We are learning The Bradley Method, which means that Chad will be my "coach" throughout labor. I am learning so much in every class and the more I learn, the more in awe of my body I become. I told Chad that in early labor I want to take the dog for a walk on the beach to start relaxing and meditating. Did you know labor can last for days?! While we plan to deliver at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, I hope to labor for a majority of time at home and have a birth without any interventions (including pain meds). You can read more about my decision here.

My sister and best friend threw me a gorgeous shower a few weeks ago (you may have seen a couple of photos via Insta) and I received so many wonderful gifts. At this point, Christian's nursery is stocked with everything from a crib and a month of honest company diapers to books and toys... While I still need a few finishing touches, we are ready for you, my boy!  

I feel beyond blessed to become a mother. I can say with my whole heart that I have never been happier in my life. I wouldn't trade my life for anything in the world... my reality exceeds my dreams. 

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