Mar 14, 2014

The One Hour Beach Babe Workout

Hi Babes! Today I'm putting together some of my exercise videos to make a one hour Beach Babe workout that will tone, tighten and strengthen your entire body. I've been asked time and time again for a full length workout video and while I haven't made one yet, I'm bringing you the next best thing.  Surprisingly, this is very close to one of the full-length Barre classes that I teach.

If you've already done all of these exercises, that's great news! You won't be confused when we go right into the next exercise :) Some of these exercises I only demonstrate on one side, so you'll have to replay the video to go through the other side, but I've included the link to the next video in the last 20 seconds of each exercise, so just click the link and to go right into the next video. If you need to take a breather for a longer stretch or to grab some water, just press pause!


3-5 lb Weights (or soup cans)
A cushioned surface or yoga mat
Bare feet are encouraged
Bottle of Water

After you warm up, start with Long Lean Arms. Press Play and enter full screen... 

I must admit, it was kind of hard to watch these older videos... I want my body (and my bangs) back! And I want the ability to do a lot of this stuff again. Can't wait to bounce back after baby with some new moves for you!

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