Apr 28, 2014

Pregnancy Update

Photo taken at 34 Weeks
Weight Gained: 
34 Pounds

Baby Belly: 
My stomach has reached a new level of huge over the past few weeks... It's really taken over! Luckily, baby is still in the right position (head down) and I constantly feel his little kicks in my rib cage and at the top of my stomach. I've learned to feel exactly where his butt and feet are located.

  I can no longer see my feet at all when I look down and instead see a little nubbin' that was once known as my belly button. I feel like he's slowly starting to drop a little bit and at night I wake up having to pee so badly it hurts! 

Christian still kicks and squirms like crazy. Sometimes I'll say to whoever I'm with "Look!" and you can actually see him squirming around in my belly from across the room. It's kind of like in a creepy horror movie... ha! But, It's actually one of the most special things ever. 

Turkey Sandwiches, Watermelon, Apples, Homemade Strawberry Lemonade (stay tuned for the recipe)

Fitness Level: 
I'm still teaching 6 classes a week with a lot of modifications. Apart from a few leg lifts and pliĆ©s, I'm verbal cueing everything. In fact, for the last 15-20 minutes of class I usually just sit on my mat and use my arms for demonstrating. 

I haven't filmed any videos because let's face it, at this point I'm huge and since the camera adds 10 pounds, that's really just depressing. Sorry I'm not sorry for not posting any new videos or workouts recently. 

Symptoms & Comfort Level: 
Heartburn is a bitch! While sometimes I can cure it with some acidophilus (pro-biotics) or papaya enzymes, at this point, indigestion is inevitable. It sometimes keeps me up at night it gets so bad...

I've started to have Braxton Hicks on a daily basis and some of them even hurt a little... contractions perhaps? While I haven't dilated at all (according to my check-up last week), I definitely feel like my body is getting ready for what's about to happen. 

My clothing options have dwindled to about 2 options. 1. Maternity leggings with a loose fitting dress or 2. A loose fitting dress. Anything tight is just uncomfortable and sweats are a nice option to wear absolutely anywhere. 

My Birth: 
Chad and I finish our final Bradley Method birth class next week. After a full 10 week course, I feel like we are more than prepared... got any pregnancy related questions? Hit me up. 

 I am feeling very confident in my decision to have an unmedicated birth at a hospital and I love my OB. However, we did discuss doing a home birth. I was amazed when it was actually Chad's idea! 

While I'm not opposed to having a home birth (after all, I'm not a sick person and the hospital is for sick people), I like the idea of being waited on at the hospital. My concern isn't about emergencies. I'm a healthy, strong woman, who's body was made to birth a baby... but birthing at home seems messy to me. Lamest excuse ever, but I'd be worried about staining the bedding or the carpets! 

The nursery is all finished, Christian's clothes are all hung and perfectly organized by age, our birth plan is written out, and our bags are getting packed! While I thought that perhaps our baby would come early, with only three weeks left until our due date, he can hang in there for as long as he needs to. 

I love my son so much already and Chad and I can't wait to bring him into the world. We love to talk about what he will look like and which of our traits he is going to inherit. I know one thing for sure, Christian Sutton Sinclair is going to be amazing! 

More Maternity photos by Alex Nicole

A Quick Note:
 I'm really starting to feel for people who are overweight. Carrying around this extra 30 pounds is no small feat. If you're overweight, trust me when I say it's much easier to diet and exercise than to haul around this extra load! Get ready to slim down with me post baby :)

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