Jun 2, 2014

Beach Babe After Baby?

Okay, I'm totally nervous sharing these photos with you. I was going to wait a few more weeks (once my body had a little more time to bounce back) until my sister convinced me otherwise. Feeling pretty vulnerable right about now... 

I'm not sure what I had expected to look like post pregnancy. I know I've been shopping for a cute one piece for the first few weeks of summer... but I didn't expect to still look pregnant after I delivered!

I bought two cute new pajamas for the hospital thinking that I'd be nursing in those and wearing another cute outfit home. Little did I know, I'd still have the belly of my second trimester, and I ended up going home in the same dress I wore there. Wah, wahh...

With that being said, everyday my stomach gets a little smaller as I return to my post pregnancy shape. Thank God for nursing... Christian is sucking the fat right off me! Every morning I wake up a little smaller and my babe a little bigger. 

While nursing can burn up to 1,000 calories a day (just one of a million reasons to nurse your baby!), I am looking forward to getting back to my workouts. My bum is gettin' saggy! Which is why I'm kick starting my fitness regime this week with some light exercise. 

A few things I've been doing over the past two weeks to get my belly back to it's original size: 
  • Massaging the area from my belly button to my pelvis (aka my uterus)
  • Sleeping on my side
  • Nursing (duh!)
  • Drinking as much water as possible

I'll share the details of my first post pregnancy workout and my post pregnancy diet soon. xx
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