Jun 10, 2014

My First Postnatal Exercise

I got my first workout in yesterday! Yay! Never did I think I'd appreciate my own online videos as much as I do now. Fitting in my workout while Christian sleeps is harder than I thought but... I did it! I realize that if exercise isn't a priority, it really is so tough to get done with a little one.

Let me start by saying that my body is feeling about 90% back to normal. I'm still recovering and taking it easy until I get the OK to return back to my regular exercise schedule but for now, I'm slowly starting to reignite my muscles by doing the following exercises...

I started the day with a 2 mile walk with my hubby and pup. Thank God for my Ergo Baby Carrier , I wouldn't get anything done without it.

To combat the effects of nursing (boy, oh boy that's a workout in it's own) on my body I continued my workout with a back workout including several variations and sets of rows as described in this post.

I also did some of my favorite shoulder stretches like the ones shown below... (I was about 6 months pregnant):

I'm working of getting my hips back to their normal width while getting my booty back in shape so I did one of my favorite booty exercise videos that I filmed when I was first pregnant. Working the outside of the butt, this exercise helps to stabilize the hips while strengthening the outer glutes:

I finished off my workout with pelvic tucks to re-engage my pelvic floor, my abdominals and even the backs of my legs and a few more yoga stretches to open up the front of my body...  I'm planning to post a video next week showing this perfect post-pregnancy exercise.

All that nursing, diaper chaining, etc is certainly paying a toll and I'm doing all I can to relieve my body of it's aches and pains!

Thanks so much for being patient while I spend this precious time with my new baby boy. Stay tuned for more Beach Babe videos as well as some of my diet secrets to get my body back xx

PS. If you're post pregnancy and feeling uncomfortable doing any of the above exercises... don't do them!!

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