Jun 17, 2014

Post Pregnancy & Nursing "Diet"

I hate the words associated with diet. When I say the word I think most people probably think of restrictions or calorie counting or something that has a certain time limit. While I am not against "going on a diet" for reasons like weight loss, to detect allergies or to detox, I don't normally use the word diet in such a way.

However, I'm gonna say it... I am on a diet. There ya have it. While working to get my pre-pregnancy body back and nursing, it's important to limit certain foods and eat more of others. So, to maintain an adequate milk supply and (since I'm not working out) continue to lose weight the healthy way, I'm spilling the details of my "diet."

Firstly, nothing has changed since one of my recent posts, Count Chemicals, Not Calories. I am not counting calories during this time but eating organic, pure foods from the earth and trying to stick to the idea of "Breakfast like a king, Dinner like a pauper." I'm eating probably more calories than usual because nursing burns so many... Even without my workouts, I am ravenous all the time!

Sample Menu:

While the above menu isn't too far off from my normal everyday diet, I've altered things slightly (like resisting guilting pleasures)...

Foods I'm Avoiding:
While foods like cheese, kale and lentils are some of my very favorite foods, I'm not eating dairy (from cows milk), legumes and cruciferous vegetables because they are said to give newborns gas. Wahhh. Sounds crazy but since I cut them out, Christian (my baby boy) has been much happier. 

White bread (I only eat Ezekiel Bread and tortillas) and desserts are always the first to go when I want to shed some pounds. Luckily, since I'm not eating dairy (there goes ice cream and pizza!) it's easier to resist temptation. When I have a sweet tooth I've been treating myself with a piece (or three) of a Lily's Dark Chocolate Bar

Foods I'm Adding:
I've been starting every morning with a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar (read more here) and taking these probiotics (2 a day) to make sure my gut stays healthy. A healthy gut for mama equals a healthy gut for baby. I've also continued taking my prenatal vitamins. 

To Maintain milk supply: Nuts, seeds, carrots, oats and beer are all said to boost milk production. I'm not sure if it's true, but it can't hurt!

What do you think? Simple enough, right?  For all you mamas out there, I'd love to hear how your child reacts to your diet... any foods you have to avoid with your newborn?

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