Jul 19, 2014

Back Extension... Land Swimming!

Hi Babes! I'm so excited to share a brand new Beach Babe workout video! Oh yes. It's been a few months but now that my baby is 8 weeks, I'm feeling confident with my post baby body and I'm sharing an exercise that I did about 3 weeks post pregnancy (part of this postnatal workout).

This back extension exercise (that I like to call land swimming) strengthens the lower back and it's a great workout to open the front side of your body including your hips and chest. I often do this exercise at the end of my workouts following a lot of lunges or squats. To keep the body balanced, we need to make sure that we open the hip flexors and keep our lower back strong. Side note: It's a great stretch for breastfeeding moms!

Enjoy this 3 minute exercise and feel free to modify or advance to your needs! xo

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