Sep 8, 2014

The 10 Minute Challenge... Shake things Up to Slim Down!

Hi Babes! I'm back and I'm back with a a mission. There's nothing more motivating than hanging out in a bikini all week drinking margaritas and eating chips and guacamole. I'm SO ready to drop this extra baby weight and get back to my sleek physique! (Don't let the photos fool you, I'm still up 10 pounds and I can feel it)

To combat my week of quesadillas and beer and to get back on track to my pre-baby body, I'm challenging myself to increase my normal workout. I'm adding just 10 minutes to my workout by incorporating sprint intervals. Care to join me? This is how I'm shaking things up to slim down...

Literally, it's like 2 of your favorite songs and you're finished. Let's try it for a month and see what happens! 

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