Jan 9, 2015

Goals for 2015 and How to Achieve Them

Happy New Year Babes! In the spirit of the season, I'm talking all about goals. Are you sick of hearing about this yet? I don't blame you. Everyone and their mother is talking about fitness and weightloss and eating right and goals. Does the term, "new year, new you" sound familiar?

Well babes, I gotta tell you, goals are pretty dang important. It's pivotal to your emotional and mental health to continually examine all of areas in your life -- yes, like every year.  Ask yourself, where am I excelling, and where do I need a little (or a lot ) of work? What comes out can be in the form of goals, affirmation, resolutions, anything as long as it's something.

My husband and I enjoy spending the first few weeks of the year discussing what we would like to accomplish for the year.  Yesterday, we finally sat down and wrote them out. So without further adieu....

Let me explain. Uh hem...

This year is all about focusing my time and energy on the things that I care about. I'm focusing on my family, Beach Babe Fitness and teaching and I'm not getting distracted.

I'm turing off my phone, TV and computer at least 30 minutes before bedtime to ensure I get a more restful sleep.

I'm weaning Christian from breastfeeding...at some point later this year.

I'm ditching my usual breakfast of turkey bacon, eggs and avocado for a powerhouse green drink(don't you worry, I'll be sharing my simple and oh so healthy recipe soon).

The rest are pretty self explanatory...

Now for the tricky part...how do we keep our resolutions?

The best way to achieve our goals is to write them down and be specific.

For example, one of your goals may be "To Get in Shape." That's great! But how do you plan to get in shape?

Perhaps it's by, "working out 4 times a week." Let's get more specific.

"Cardio 2 days a week, weights 2 days a week and yoga once a week" Let's get more specific.

If you want fitness to be a priority in your life for 2015, I want you to schedule your workouts in your calendar. Now your fitness goal for 2015 should look something like this:

"Attaining a Fit Lifestyle by attending Christina's Barre class on Monday and Friday at 9:30am, spin class on Wednesdays at 8am, Yoga on Saturdays at 10am, and doing five exercises from Beach Babe Fitness on Sunday at 5pm."

Now you've created a way to make your goal a reality. You've set a clear path, one that will work if you stick to it.

The same can be done for any goal for 2015. I gave you an overview of my goals for the year. What I haven't shared are my specific steps to achieve those goals.  The more specific, the more successful I'll be!

Cheers to a happy, healthy new year x

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