Mar 6, 2015

Nutty For Cashewmilk

Hi Babes! It’s not often that I’m this passionate about a product, but this company is just so on par with what I believe.

If you read my post Goat Milk vs Cow Milk, then you know I’m not a fan of cow milk. So, what’s creamier than skim milk, with fewer calories and no saturated fats? Well babes, I am super excited to introduce you to Silk Cashewmilk.

Silk Cashewmilk is just as yummy as you might guess (ever tried a cashew? Um, yum). It’s rich, irresistibly creamy and absolutely perfect to add to coffee, a protein shake or any recipe requiring milk. I’ve been using it every morning in my daily green drink and it’s really upped my green game.

Not only is Silk Cashewmilk just so delicious but, it’s only 25 calories per serving (1/3 the calories in skim milk) with no saturated fat .... a-ok by me.

Possibly my absolute favorite thing about Silk Cashewmilk is the brand mission statement:

“Changing the world, one sip (or spoonful) at a time. Since the beginning, Silk® has been out to make the world a healthier place. Not just for those who use our products, but for everyone.”

Silk is committed to non-GMO project verified products, which meets my numero uno criteria when consuming food and drink.  They are even big supporters of Just Label It, “a national initiative encouraging the clear and accurate labeling of foods containing GMOs.” Yes, please!

I love finding brands I know I can trust.  Cheers to Silk® for providing us with wholesome (and delicious) Silk Cashewmilk!

*Silk Original Cashewmilk: 60 cal/serv; skim dairy milk: 80 cal/serv. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 27. Data consistent with typical skim dairy milk.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Silk through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated to write a post about Silk, all opinions are my own.

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