Feb 23, 2015

Beach Babe : Katie Osumi

I am oh so very excited to introduce you to mega beach babe, Katie Osumi. If you workout in Orange County, chances are you've taken one of Katie's amazing classes. Before I started teaching,  I regularly took her spin class and I remember thinking.. wow, this girl is so fun! To call her a peer now is truly a dream come true. 

Katie writes a clever blog called Goodnite Irene and is taking a short hiatus from teaching to have her first baby. Due in April, I'm sure her clients miss her very much. Here's just a taste of the very talented and very charming Katie Osumi... What a babe! xx 

Introduce Yourself:
hello! my name is katie osumi. i am a so-cal native, ucla-grad, living in newport beach with my hunky husband {aka hunkiest,} and our two beasts: jones + priscilla. i am an instructor of indoor cycling as well as the creator of coreplay®, my signature mind-body class incorporating pilates, yoga, barre + functional training. i am also 7 months pregnant with our first baby, a sweet girl.

Why did you start teaching fitness classes?
i kind of fell into teaching fitness. i was a binge-spinner in the 90’s, and the manager of the gym i belonged to {now equinox Irvine} asked me to fill in—once i put that microphone on, i haven’t been able to take it off.

What’s your favorite part about teaching?
my favorite part of teaching is seeing the results {both immediate + long-term} -i love how someone can come into a 6am class, dog-tired, irritable, and unsure why they’re even there---and not even 10 minutes later, their moods are transformed; they’re “woo-hoo’ing” and ready to light the day up.
i’m also inspired the physical, mental and emotional changes in my students over time: anything from weight loss, strength, stress-relief, and even depression relief.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without exercising?
ugh, the longest i’ve gone without exercising was last year..my doctor mandated a 4-week bedrest…i lasted just over two weeks before i snuck into a much needed, brain-clearing spin class.  

How has pregnancy affected your exercise habits?
pregnancy has rocked my world! every day i’m speechless {aka out of breath} at how much harder everything is---spin class, pilates, walking up the stairs, sleeping etc.}
i’ve had hyperemesis gravidarum {severe nausea} for the whole pregnancy, and for the most part, the only time i’m not nauseated, though, is when i incorporate some sort of exercise; my fitness regime has been my saving grace during this pregnancy.

Any suggestions for other mama’s - to - be out there?
for other mama’s-to-be i would, of course, say listen to your doctor first and foremost. my ob-gyn green-lighted any and all exercise i was doing prior to pregnancy. pregnancy isn’t the time to set new records on your 1-mile run, but
if you’re feeling up to it, exercise is so beneficial during pregnancy---both for the baby and you.
secondly, trust your intuition, listen to your body—you know your body best and if something feels off, you should stop.

What are you most excited about becoming a mom?
other than not being pregnant anymore, i’m most excited to have this little person to adore. i can’t think of a bigger adventure {both scary and wonderful} than parenthood.

Guilty Pleasures?
oh my gosh!? where do i start?
coffee, multiples naps throughout the day, vanderpump rules, swearing, online shopping, turning my phone and computer off.

Favorite healthy snack or recipe?
my smoothie: kale, banana, almond milk, blueberries, pineapple, baobab powder, and a ton of cinnamon. i pretty much have this every day.

If you weren’t a fitness instructor, you would be… a professional nap-taker.

How do you motivate your clients/students?
they’re all so unique and respond to different stimulus: some like personal attention, others want to be more anonymous and left alone. my ritual before every class is to remember and re-affirm that this time is never be about me; this is the student’s experience, their hour, their money and i need to leave my crap out of it. it needs to always be about THEM. i hope that’s what they feel.

You can follow Katie on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And be sure to check out my interview now live on Goodnite Irene. 

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