Apr 25, 2013

Foam Rolling: A Deep Tissue Massage

Today I share with you my first video! Yay! I have created a new YouTube station that you can now follow, where I'll be posting exercise videos. Follow along here and enjoy my first video on Foam Rolling. 

As mentioned in the video, foam rolling is an excellent tool to reduce pain and prevent injury. It can be integrated into your exercise routine the same as you would incorporate stretching.  One of the most common complaints I receive from my students is that they have knee pain. When I recommend foam rolling to them, almost 100% of those without any past injuries are able to eliminate their pain through foam rolling! You can buy a foam roll right here :)

Note: Notice how I don't mention rolling out the IT (short for iliotibial) Band? Located on the outside of the leg, the IT band is a ligament and not a muscle. Don't foam roll here because a) you can't really stretch (or lengthen) a ligament b) you're likely to damage the IT band causing inflammation. 

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