Aug 30, 2013

Major Calorie Burner

Hi Babes! We are working the bum, the arms and the core all while burning major calories. You'll be huffing and puffing the whole way through and will probably hate me midway, but you'll love the results. This 20 minute circuit will give your metabolism a good kick in the butt... Just in time to flaunt your stuff on Labor Day! I hope you enjoy your holiday weekend. If I'm a little MIA for a few days it's because I'm off to Hawaii for a much needed vacation. Second Honeymoon time, woot, woot! It won't be all fun and games though because I plan to shoot a few more videos for you. Soooo, stay tuned and follow me on Instagram to see how my vacation is coming along... I'm sure it's gonna be just awful ;)

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