Sep 4, 2013

Put Some Fun in Your Workout

I'm back from vacation!! Seriously I forgot how good it feels to getaway and shut down for a little bit. Wishing I would have paid a little bit more attention to my post "Stay Slim on Vacation", I'll be following my tips on "How to Re-set Your Diet" this week. And, while I did plan on posting at least once while I was away, Hawaii got the best of me. Hence, I apologize for my absence but now I'm back and ready to roll!  Anywayyy back on track... Today's post is all about having fun because (as all the kids are sayin') YOLO, right??

So, last week I had a client say to me, "Who took the fun out of exercise? I've been taking so many classes that are so serious." Say whattt?? This was so sad to me. I mean really, if you aren't having any fun in your workout it's time to switch it up. After all, if you're taking time out of your day to exercise, shouldn't it be more than just good for you? Without a doubt, if I didn't have fun in my workout, I would never be able to commit. And we should all know by now that without commitment we aren't going to see any results.

There are so many workouts out there (anyone tried trampolines, hula hooping or stand up paddle?) to be bored in your fitness routine. Regardless if I am teaching or taking a class, I always try to have as much fun as possible. It's important to be able to express yourself and feel comfortable enough in your workout to let loose and have some fun. If you workout alone, maybe that means switching up your playlist. I love it when I hear a "hollaaa!" from my students. When my clients are interactive and participating, it lets me know they're having a good time and feeling that burn. Plus, that energy is contagious! When you're feeling it, feel free to holler, hoot, moan, groan and mostly have some FUN! Life's too short and fitness shouldn't be so serious all the time. Stay fun, babes xo

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