Oct 5, 2013

Simply Fit

Today's exercise is going to combine some basic moves to give you the body you've always wanted. I love combining exercises so that we can really maximize our time. Killing two birds with one stone so to speak, or more precisely, two exercises in one minute :) We are going to feel a serious burn in both the legs and arms, all while working the core.  Are you ready to be simply fit?

Let's break it down, shall we? As always, if you don't have weights, grab a couple of canned food items, shampoo bottles, anything to give you a little resistance...

  •  Lunge + Overhead Press: Start with right leg forward and take a giant step back with your left leg. Bend both knees to make right angles. Right knee should be stacked over the ankle and left hip stacked over the left knee. As you bend your knees into a lunge, bring both weights over head. Extend the legs as the weights come back down to the chest. Repeat on right leg for 30 seconds, then bring left leg forward for the remaining 30 seconds. 

  •  Down Dog to High Plank: Starting in a high plank (starting push-up position), tuck your toes under and pike your hips up toward the sky. Let your chest open up as your upper body falls to your thighs. Again we spread the fingers wide as we press our palms into the mat. Inhale as you come into a high plank and exhale as you sink deeper. Hold this for as long as you'd like before you come back into a high plank. Stay in high plank and come back to down dog. Repeat as many times as you'd like. Start with a few slow and then gradually speed it up. 

  • Squat With Tricep Extension: Start in a wide stance with toes facing forward. Weights are at the chest with elbows glued to the rib cage. As you bend your knees and shoot your hips back into a squat position, extend the arms straight back behind you. Return to standing and bring the weight all the way back in to the chest. Bend the knees, extend the arms and repeat! 

  • Scissor Crunch: Lying on your back, press your spine into the mat as you engage your abdominals. Keeping the neck long, curl your neck and shoulders up as you pull the right leg into your chest, alternate your legs keeping the opposite leg hovering just a few inches above the floor. Feel the stretch through the hamstring as you engage your lower abdominals. If you need to modify, you can bend your knees. 

  • Mountain Climber and Row: By this time, your shoulders should be feeling fired up. We come back to a high plank position and do four knee pumps. We alternate bringing the right knee and then the left knee into the chest as we engage the core and keep the back flat... no bouncy booty's! After four knee pumps we lift the right weight off  of the mat. Bend the elbow as it grazes past the rib cage up toward the sky and squeeze your shoulder blades together. One on the right and then one on the left. Repeat, four knee pumps and two rows!

See if you can do these simple exercises for one minute each, three rounds. No break. That's only 15 minutes! You can do anything for 15 minutes :)

Set your timer, get ready and let's do this!

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