Oct 2, 2013

5 Ways to Relieve Sore Muscles

Sore muscles are common after we try something new, do more repetitions or use heavier weight than normal. While it's good to switch it up and challenge ourselves, don't get discouraged by your aching muscles... they are getting stronger! And yet, how can we possibly workout again when our muscles are so tired? Well, I've got my top 5 tips to get you back in tip top shape... you might be surprised by numero uno...

  • Workout: Say what?! Yes, you read that right. Work it out, babe. When we exercise on our already sore muscles, our body releases the build up of lactic acid (which is causing our soreness)  and loosens the muscle. You may not be able to go at the intensity you are used to, and it might be pretty uncomfortable to get going. But, I promise, you'll be feeling much better post-workout.
  • Ice: While I'm not a huge fan of icing, studies have shown that icing immediately following a tough workout will restrict blood flow and inflammation. The words Ice + Bath aren't really your thing? That's ok, like my girl Selena Gomez (above), you can grab a couple ice packs instead.
  • Foam Roll and Massage: If you haven't watched my video on the benefits of foam rolling, now might be a good time (click here). Known as Myofascial release, foam rolling and trigger point therapy help to release the soft tissue... a build up can cause stiff and sore muscles. Have you tried my tips for a DIY Massage? Highly recommend checking it out here.
  • Yoga and Stretch: It's fairly common knowledge that stretching and yoga help to increase flexibility and relieve sore muscles. But, make sure you're stretching after you workout (not before). It's important to have a proper cool down following your fitness routine. Even just a few minutes of stretching can make a world of difference. Let me suggest my 6 minutes of Yoga Love. If you can't make time for a little stretching you'll have to make time for soreness.

Don't let a little soreness deter you from your workout goals. If you're feeling too sore to get back to the gym, try going for a walk. Make sure you continue to do something to keep you active and to keep your blood flowing. And remember, it's always hardest the first time around. Stick with it, babes xo

PS. What if you're not sore after your workout? Worried you may not be working hard enough? You'll want to check out this post

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