Jan 14, 2014

5 Foods You Think Are Healthy But Aren't

You might be surprised to discover that your favorite "health" foods aren't really healthy after all. I'm not saying to never eat the following items again, but just be aware that if you really want to live a healthy lifestyle, these foods will not help you on your road to clean eating:

  • Most Yogurts: A typical yogurt from the grocery store can contain more sugar than a Snickers bar. Wouldn't you rather just have the Snickers? Shocking, but true. Added sugars and fruit can turn even your greek yogurt into an unhealthy sugar rush. And don't even get me started on "sugar free" yogurts… pretty much cancer in a cup. If you love yogurt, get but plain greek or regular yogurt and add your own fresh fruit.
  • Cooking With Olive Oil: Olive Oil is great as a salad dressing or when served at room temperature, but when you heat up olive oil, studies have shown that it turns into a carcinogen! Say what?! Yes. Stop cooking with olive oil and switch to coconut oil, grape seed or safflower oil ASAP.
  • Agave Syrup: Throughout the nutrition community there seems to be a wide acceptance of the magical agave syrup… Like it's this amazing new sweetener that is actually good for you. Truth be told, while it's better than other unnatural sweeteners (like splenda or aspartame), your body reacts to agave the same way it would to plain old cane sugar. Fact.
  • Processed Soy: So you thought that switching to soy milk was the healthy choice? Wrong. Almost all soy in the US is genetically modified and has been shown to wreak havoc on our estrogen levels. Make sure that if your eating soy, it's organic and unprocessed. 
  • Fish: Similar to the problem with soy, almost all fish is now farm raised. That means they are pumped with antibiotics and the fish we eat live in dire, crowded conditions. Even most wild fish (especially tuna) is full of mercury and causes heavy metal build-up in our bodies. Yuck. I'm not saying to give up fish all together, but make sure it's wild and try to limit your consumption to every once in a while.

I know, it's kinda depressing when you think you're making a healthy choice and it turns out… not so much. Ignorance is bliss, except for when it comes to your body. Stay healthy, babes xo

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