Jan 10, 2014

Ahh - Mazing Things About Pregnancy

I'm finally starting to enjoy this pregnancy. That's right. There are so many unexpected wonderful things that have come of it. As of yesterday, I've gained 14 pounds (not such a wonderful thing) and I am nearly into my third trimester.. Crazy. This beautiful baby boy will be here before I know it and my life will be changed for good. At 22 weeks I'm now sporting a belly bump that I absolutely cannot hide and my energy has made a comeback… finally! Along with my bump came these awaited surprises:

  • Freebies: I've been getting special treatment everywhere. Everyone, I mean everyone opens doors for me, lets me cut in line etc. I was given free admittance to this fabulous New Years Eve party since obviously I wasn't going to be taking advantage of the open bar. The next morning I didn't want the full buffet, but I still got free fruit and yogurt. Yesterday at Whole Foods the guy giving samples kept feeding me! I finally told him I didn't want anymore… Ha! Yup. I love pregnancy freebies. 
  • Attention: Women and men alike both approach me and ask me what my due date is. Everyone wants to know if it's a boy or a girl and the compliments… they just keep coming. My stomach is getting so big I think it's starting to make everything else look smaller. Even with no make-up and messy unwashed hair people still say "you look so good!" After all, whose going to tell a pregnant lady that her butt looks bigger (even though it clearly is)? Nobody.
  • Skin, Hair and Nails…. Oh, yes: I finally get to experience that "pregnancy glow" I've heard so much about.  Let me tell you girls, first trimester my skin was a joke (dry and gross) but now... oh that glow. My hair seems to just fall into place and my nails, boy do they grow fast! 
  • Perspective: One of the greatest things about becoming a mother is that it has put everything into perspective. The things that once got me stressed out, no longer hold the power to do so. Money, work, friendships, these are all things that have become second priority to the task at hand. If you haven't heard, JOMO (joy of missing out ) is the new FOMO (fear of missing out) and at this point, I couldn't have enough JOMO in my life… count me out and happy :)
I'm not going to lie, this whole making a person business is still tough, but at least I'm starting to find the joy in being able to close my eyes, feel my healthy boy move inside me and know that I am bringing new life into this world. It's truly amazing. 

PS. Your new Beach Babe video is uploading as we speak so check back tomorrow for your newest  exercise! Get ready for my "Triple Threat" exercise that will work the arms, ass and abs... I mean, what more do you need? If you'd like to view the video even sooner (like in an hour), subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

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